Monday, February 6, 2012

pliz wake up faeza~~dis life is not a games

alhamdulillah da past 2 week bring me a lot thing to remember. to noted it and rethink back again n again. just need some beautiful air flow to let me breath some fresh air in peaceful mood. common faizah.. u just need think positive not too much until all them turn scary negative illusion.

what?? my life sometime too much miserable and uncontrol. dont know where shud i begin since too much pressure until force me down to earth. (ok too much faaizah.. now u start again think dat ngative one stopp it.. oh dear be ur self not what ur self try put on you.. the insider never let it ?? or it just u want it be a reason

i cud see da pixca of perfect memories that scattered all around .. reaching for what some time i tried before to asking my self too.. wonder if i cud ever cross the mind i tried to carry on but still something missing inside .. really need some show me or give me in kinda sign ... ya Allah im still me.. yet me also stil i am

so many question ya Allah.. where things left unsaid until so much confusion going trough in my head. ya Allah i should'nt far from u.. this was da reason why i felt so many reason that just dont make sense. this one make me so weak day by day.. feeling being unwanted too small n keep losing the someone i love around.. hey faizah.. u shud know that nothing be so perfect and permanent

every single thing is belong to Him. belong to Allah..
subhanaAllah.. everything so perfectly match and thnks to Allah
sometime i chooze da wrong but always hv a reason why and why
ya Allah, i know i've gone too far from what You taught me.
forgive me.. ya Allah

do please guide me to go to the right path..
There's too much love in my heart that I know it wont last...
no matter how i want it badly, i know You know better what best for me.
You know better what has been wrot in Luh Mahfuz
please help me to get through this Ya Allah

amin..ya Rabbalaalamin

faizah mohd hanapiah
1.35 a.m.
7 February 2012


^^CaHaYa KeasLian^^

our life belongs to Him.
InsyaAllah sayang kamu becoz of Him.
till end. ;)
~ Kunci ketenangan = Ingat Dia+Husnuzhon+Berlapang dada ~


our love oso belong to Him... may dis ukhwah be forever until last...

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