Wednesday, June 12, 2013


alhamdulillah its been 3 month ++ become a s.t.u.d.e.n.t again. having 7 month in holiday mood from study, i mean after finished my undergraduate dgree i think im getting more appreciate the moment become student  whom alwayz made their day busy. with da esaimen , test, paper in every corner, lab report n talking2, walking2, making friend, making enemy, making suffer, making pain, joy , love, happy n making every part of sense with awesome  f.r.i.e.n.d
where im suppose to do in order getting back the same memories?? absolutely yes is none.. 
all crazy thing alwayz happen in one line.
that only u get when u with ohsem friends.

lucky me have the superb thing happen in life. amazing journey of pain n suffer and become more stronger little lady.

new home new life
this is my new home background. i love this thing. when i was child i wishes i have this kind of view from home balcony. hooray my dream came true la konon.  this taken from balcony of  my apartment.
when im alone i mean wanna be alone, i love sittingn watching this panorama like watching tv drama. since we r so closer wif main hospital, the nee noo nee noo sound is usual. so be prepared in 24/7. erghh not really enjoy here to drive if u dont know the short cut distance to go everywhere ,trafic jam is usual n positive thing. hahahaha i need explore more place and the road also i guess . i mean by own with diba.  :) well thanks alot to my best friend diba :) 

currently officially as master medical science's student 
nothing change so much, nothing to story more only bla bla bla n bla..people here not really friendly as my place before. they more love talking their puak or gang or whut everlah. in small cluster organization until everybody know you. the lecturer, head department also staffs will exactly know who n where are you.

everyone has same thought, everyone has same aims. but seem they dont try to push up together. ah forget bout them.. actually if you greet them wisely they will treat you nicely. i mean in professionalism in their way la :) dont worry, they a good person instead .

my supervisor treat me as worker, where im suppose to come the lab exactly like others workers, 8 a.m. until 4.30 a.m. but since im too g.o.o.d in follow instruction.. i came about 8.00-8.30 am n get excited to go back in 4pm already.. hahaha im not working ok. no salary.. lalalala im just student so its suka hati lah... even actually they gv me advice n warn me as kiasan sign only...haha im not aware sometime directly 

ok dont get me wrong. here im doing my work under 3 main person. lab asistant, head science officer n supervisor. they work in small group. sharing story n love to come to the lab where i am be placed. since i didnt get my grant yet, so i dot have any progress on my master project much. just doing my subculturing n some mini experiment myself. thus i hv so many many many time pretend in front my laptop like u r very busy studying the journal. haha whut everla.. my supervisor also didnt say anything if seeing my updating fesbook or listerning radio or watching utube or whut ever. ohh yeahh im so lucky la kan.  i guess she realized me so bored sit in the lab n repeating the same routine everyday. 

she is sporting, funky, happy n all out person. also the both staff.. ok la.. if they around i never get so alone ranger in the lab. they love sharing their experience on what life it is. (feeling so great) ehh please be sure that ur supervisor have grant for the project before u decided to work under them ok. dont repeating my mistake... if not u will become like me la. 

ok. about my course?
for sure is new for me to make concentration in medical science esp parasitolgy &  microbiology. last time im only focus in general   more to seek what benefit ur project to patient or medical clinical novel. they dont care much what you will doing in term of mechanism of method much.. they will seek why n whut. they love asking in clinical case since they are mostly from medical doctor student. oh crab. during the presentation in clinical case i got so many term to asking. haha same goes with my bestfriend.. she also in same boat with me. so funny when they talking in medical way n we say o we oh we oh we oh  (^^)

instead of crying or sad with the problem or whut ever challenge i get thru, actually we try made or day more enjoyable, funky, happy n get more positive way to release all the negative.
some said when we learn to breath n work in properly.. we actually cultivate an abundance of energy. yes i think that energy inspired us to work-out when its is a natural, take easy,, enjoy it.. hehe fill the moment with exciting activity :)in time as ur body heals and ur mind vitalizes.. u will find urself more feel good. the key is positive. yeahh lets your body adapts to meet the demands of new environment :)

since im not busy with the project yet, im trying to put more agenda in my life. i hate to be in one state which doing nothing. so to get rid of the situation, i love going outside hang out with super duper bff. during my weekend, im totally use it very3 much with my friend, we travel a lot, we eat a lot and explore the new roads as this new place to me to drive. explore the roads and many place with/without gps. damn my hp didnt hv gud gps. lucky i have my soulmate to read me the maps from google while im driving, hahahaha 

we singing hanging walking eating and doing in all the line. making new friend here even-thought in small number of them.they are superb n crazy like me. yeahh thanks made my day. only with the bff the fools and crazy thing u can done in public . (^^)

taken yesterday in tasik titiwangsa :)
(exercise with walking at recreation site :) helping me a lot to be postive :p imma to lazy person to made exercise like jogging, so i love have window shopping, n done this kind matter.
oh why me so lazy to get rid the fatty family inside me? hahaha  )

Photo: jogging???? i think we do better in walking #trektitiwangsa #sunday #evening #healthy #fresh

i love them all. there is more picture but this enough to describe my life now :) im faizah. im trying much to positive n positive. they motivate me. they give me hope to stand stil
please remember that making friend is about putting urself out there. they made me success in finding who are interested in all the weird things u like to do. that or u trying new things you've never tried before. that is i call them #ohsembff

to family, the loved one.. dont worry there stil huge hope inside
i will try my best :)