Monday, December 26, 2011

the drop of tears

heyy im think im gonna shut this blog
suppose to be since long time ago
why ek????
hurmmm wudd think it later

seyes ta rase perlu pun hambur suma perasaan kt sni.. de ke yg mmnbaca n terbaca?? ade ke yg kesah ato bkesah???? ato ade ke yg mmbantu pd yg perlu??? tak bukan?? we justt sit on less than 5 minutes to read then later nothing... nothing we can do.. nothing that we done

so im thnking the purpose why i shud clariified my life here n here.. tell them bout wht i going through bout da distance n the road that i taken in the journey.. the scene where i cried so much in my life seem many as compared the scene that i laugh....

the journey still far to go as the day that i QUIT from this live... need much suffer n pain to get me have better scene.. i mean happy time. this life taught me to cry for let me create the smile.... this life taught me pain n suffer to let me create something different
yes.. something different
that i couldnt distinguish that yet
something that i cudnt open the keyy yet
the key of my life.. the key of my heart..the key that will show me whut im going to do n its all about what i wanted the most in this life...

heyyy la tafzan.... la tafzan.. i just smile in frozen moment when they asking me dont be sad...i wishes that i cud stop cry inside too even my tears end. i can see my tears drop by drop but how bout tears from heart.. that i couldnt see n i dont know how they stop n began.....

did u realize???? that they dropped my tears so much
much muchh muchh


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